Why Can’t I Feel CBD?

Do you find yourself wondering why you’re not always feeling the effects of CBD? Many people who have tried CBD have experienced this issue, and are understandably frustrated to spend money on something that doesn’t seem to be working.

While there could be many reasons for this, more often than not, the products used simply aren’t of the quality necessary to impact your body in a significant way. Not feeling anything from CBD is actually more common than you might think. Unlike what we traditionally think of in regard to cannabis and hemp derived products, not all compounds associated with it are psychoactive.  CBD (cannabidiol) is the most prevalent molecule in hemp and some cannabis strains lack this effect. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t feel anything. Many of the benefits of this compound take place “behind the scenes”, assisting your body’s ability to address underlying conditions. If you’ve noticed what seems like a lack of CBD effectiveness, chances are high that it is less about the CBD compound and more about the quality of the product that you’re using.

A good CBD product like the ones produced at Trust Wellness will make you feel something, no matter how noticeable. As for products that don’t? Here are some reasons why:


Why You’re Getting No Effects from CBD Oil

Can you feel CBD? If the answer is no, then you might just be using the wrong product. The effects of CBD vary depending on a few different key features of a product.

  1. The strain. Hemp, the source of most CBD products in the market, comes in a variety of different strains. Each strain comprises different quantities of cannabinoids.  While hemp varieties contain mostly CBD, there are still trace amounts of dozens of other cannabinoids. Each of these compounds carry powerful benefits when consumed. Together, they provide an entourage effect that can drastically increase the efficiency of the product.  Founded by a team of agricultural and chemical manufacturing experts, Trust Wellness has a deep understanding of superior strains and what it takes to conserve the many beneficial compounds within it.


  1. The potency of the product. Potency is referred to the amount of a particular cannabinoid, in this case, CBD, within a given sample.  Generally, the more CBD you take, the more you should feel it. That being said, the milligrams listed on the bottle aren’t always telling the truth.  As evident in many studies and articles, many companies are inaccurately displaying this information to lure customers in. Many states are creating guidelines on testing and manufacturing of CBD products. However, most laboratories are not properly equipped to handle this new testing regime and have been providing wrong results to manufacturers. In addition, the majority of CBD products you see today are manufactured by a third-party and sold to companies as their own. This process takes away necessary control and diligence to ensure that the product manufactured indeed has what it says. Trust Wellness understands these issues and has adopted a Triple Testing process where we utilize sophisticated analytical testing procedures internally in conjunction with external testing by two of the largest and most reliable laboratories in the nation.


  1. The type of product. How you take your CBD matters! Edibles, for example, have a significantly lower amount of bioavailability than CBD tinctures, meaning your metabolism digests a smaller amount of the CBD you consume. If you’re not having luck with one type of CBD delivery, it may be useful to switch to a different method of consumption.  Trust Wellness is constantly researching and developing new product formats. We understand that not every person reacts the same and we want to be sure that we provide something that is effective for everyone.


How to Buy Trusted CBD Products?

We want you to get as much as possible out of your CBD product. To ensure that this happens,

we develop our products in-house, right here in the United States! We go to great lengths to ensure that our CBD is sourced from trusted farms. We have designed rigorous manufacturing and testing parameters under our Triple Tested process to ensure that what is on the label is what is in the bottle. If you’re struggling to feel the effects of CBD, give Trust Wellness a try and trust that what you consume will work the way it should.