When you think of all the potential benefits of CBD oil, immune system support may not be the very first thing that comes to mind. But, in addition to its possible ability to help you find relief from things like anxiety, stress, and sleep troubles, CBD also shows real promise as an immune booster—which is good news for all of us during the cold and flu season, particularly this year.

With Covid-19, a lot of us are taking extra precautions to ensure that our bodies’ defenses are performing at an optimal level. And that’s great news, since the more that we can do to strengthen our immune system, the better chance we have of staving off viral infections. These include washing our hands regularly (especially after being outside or in a public area), staying hydrated, eating a healthy diet, and perhaps making CBD oil part of your daily routine.

Here’s what we know about CBD as an immune booster and why you might want to consider it as another great defense in your daily regimen to fight against flu season.

Does CBD Help Immune System Functions?

To understand why CBD might be helpful for boosting the immune system, it helps to start with how the immune system works and how CBD works—and how these two key things can work together.

Think of your immune system as a built-in factory for addressing the many bacteria, viruses, and infections that you come into contact with on a regular basis. When it’s working properly, most—if not all—of these disease-causers can be efficiently sorted out and eliminated, using an impressive array of tools like lymphocytes (cells that destroy toxins and foreign agents) and phagocytes (cells that absorb harmful invaders and neutralize them).

Pretty impressive, right?

While we don’t know quite so much about how CBD works in the body, we do know that it has to do with the endocannabinoid system—a fairly recent discovery that we currently have more questions than answers about, but that may point us in the right direction in terms of understanding CBD’s many purported physical and mental health benefits.

As we understand it now, the endocannabinoid system works hand in hand with other systems in our body to maintain balance and ensure that everything is running smoothly. This likely includes the immune system, though again, there’s more research yet to be done.

What research can tell us about CBD’s immune boosting powers is that CBD oil has an anti-inflammatory effect, a benefit that has already been shown to be effective against a number of inflammatory and auto-immune diseases. These anti-inflammatory properties assist in regulating immune function, particularly when it comes to cell function.

Again, we have a lot to learn. But what we do know about CBD and the immune system is promising, and with heightened interest has come a growth in research in the topic. It’s likely that we’ll know more soon, especially when it comes to how CBD can be an easy way to support immune health.

Boosting Immunity with CBD

Unlike THC which has noticeable psychoactive effects, CBD is much more subtle and it can take time to achieve its big benefits—meaning that when it comes to helping in the battle against the flu, the common cold, and other viral infections, you’re very unlikely to see immediate changes. That’s why we always recommend making CBD oil part of a daily routine, which gives it time to build up in your system and potentially provide you with a full range of positive outcomes.

So where do you start? With a high-quality CBD oil, of course. Try our Premium CBD Oil Drops, a CBD tincture—1,000 mg—that’s perfectly safe for everyday use. And if you have any questions, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to provide you with guidance.